Olderman FitnessThe problem with such an arrangement is that it leads to lifestyle diseases such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, lower back pain and spondylitis. Therefore, the need to maintain body weight around the ideal level prescribed for a given height and activity level is pressing.  

Even though it is difficult to lose weight after 40, it is not impossible. With a tweak in food habits and patterns of exercise, a desired weight level can be attained. 

Knowing your body well 

The first step to losing weight successfully is judging the body. Most people have attempted to lose weight at some point in their life and therefore have an understanding of what works for them and what doesn’t. If you belong to this group, then you must be familiar with what works for you. An online 2014 nutrisystem discount code can fetch you great discounts on your order. Use your strengths to build an effective weight loss plan. 

A problem that women beyond 40 years of age face is perimenopause. This condition can cause an imbalance in weight which can continue after entering menopause. This condition needs to be factored into a weight loss plan as you would have to work harder to lose weight. Walking, swimming, jogging and performing other kinds of exercise can help to combat the effects of the condition.

Depending on your level of physical activity you need to form a diet plan. To know the requirement of calories, follow the chart: 

For individuals who do not exercise: targeted weight levelX10 

Individuals involved in moderate exercise: targeted weight levelX13 

Individuals leading an active lifestyle: targeted weightX15 

Therefore, by increasing the level of activity, the number of calories to intake can increase. This is very helpful as it will prevent you from going hungry for most of the day. 

Set small goals that can be accomplished within a period and work towards it. It is best to take one step at a time. 

Tweaking Your Pattern of Exercise 

To keep blood flow constant to the body’s joints and lymphatic nodes, exercise is needed. Try going for a jog or walk before beginning the day as it will keep the body’s metabolism boosted for hours later. Doing more of household chores such as vacuuming and laundry is also a good way to stay fit. 

Watching Food Habits 

Pack lunch to work as it would prevent you from going to the vending machine for buying snacks. Have a few granola bars or muesli stored away as it can be quite handy in times of hunger pangs. Include more of fruits and vegetables in meals as they provide the body with much needed nutrition. 

Whenever you are eating out at fast food restaurants, choose the less harmful food stuffs. For example, instead of regular soda, choose club soda and order the children’s meal instead of the ones meant for adults.  

The idea of a successful diet is reducing the portion size instead of abstinence from food. By satiating your craving for junk food in limited quantities, you will be suppressing the need to have them in large quantities when you get the chance to.